Lees meer over juridische infovaardigheden

  • Information Literacy in Legal Education: The Case of Istanbul Bilgi University / Sami Çukadar & Kerem Kahvecioğlu
    The main purpose of the law is to seek justice by solving both individual and social conflicts in society and thereby achieve peace, equality and freedom. In order to achieve this goal, the rules of law should be understood in order to be implemented and interpreted correctly. Due to the rapid changes and increase in technology and information, the concept of information literacy is becoming more crucial in every field including legal education.
    The aim of this paper is to examine briefly the legal information skills and legal information literacy implementations worldwide and in Turkey, and to give information about the appropriate information literacy standards for undergraduate legal education. Information literacy practices at Istanbul Bilgi University Law Faculty are specifically mentioned.
    In: Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2012, volume 317, pp 102-118
  • Say Goodbye to the Books: Information Literacy as the New Legal Research Paradigm / Ellie Margolis & Kristen E. Murray
    This article argues that we should make information literacy the foundation of legal research instruction. By reframing the goal of legal research instruction as increasing the information literacy (specifically, the legal information literacy) of our students, we will be able to leverage the research skills they already possess and instill in them skills that are transferable to the legal research tools of tomorrow.
    In: Temple University Legal Studies Research Paper Series No. 2012-34, James E. Beasley School of Law, August 6, 2012
    (Available only with subscription)
  • The University Library: a driving force for reform in legal education? / B.F. Beljaars & E.R. Winter
    This article compares several library developments which could prove important for legal education from a Dutch perspective, and also examines library education in the law schools of the United States of America.
    In: International Journal of Legal Information, July 2012, volume 40, issue Spring-Summer, pp 1-14
  • The Road Not Yet Taken: How Law Student Information Literacy Standards Address Identified Issues in Legal Research Education and Training / D. Kim-Prieto
    Legal research education has been slow to adopt information literacy as a framework, despite the demonstrated utility of this framework when applied to library instruction and assessment. This article defines law student information literacy (LSIL), analyzes how LSIL standards address existing and identified deficits in the current state of legal research education, and offers a copy of the draft LSIL standards. The recently approved AALL Law Student Research Competencies and Information Literacy Principles are appended to the article.
    In: Law Library Journal, 2011, volume 103, Issue 4, pp. 605 – 630
    Link naar het artikel via Google
  • Studying Law in the Netherlands: the Role of the Library / B.F. Beljaars &  E.R. Winter
    Ben Beljaars and René Winter contribute a thoroughly well-researched article on the profile of current users of academic libraries in Holland. They discuss their information requirements and usage; the relationship between the library a nd the law faculty; the use of digital resources in legal education and developments in legal information literacy.
    In: Legal Information Management, September 2010, volume 10, issue 3, pp 241-248.
    (Available only with subscription)
  • Implementing legal information literacy: a challenge for the curriculum / Ben Beljaars
    Article about the importance for universities to coach students on how to acquire skills in general and legal information literacy skills in particular. To do so, collaboration between faculties and libraries is necessary.
    In: International Journal of Legal Information, Winter 2009
    (Available only with subscription)


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